Elite Fitness Membership Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read these rules and conditions of membership before you complete and hand the membership application to reception as they are legal and, for insurance purposes, binding.

Virtually all rules are straightforward common sense and there for everyone's benefit and protection. If you need any guidance on their implications or on membership details, please don't hesitate to contact us.

1) A person wishing to become a member of Elite Fitness must complete the official application form. Membership fees should be paid up front. Any cheques should be made payable to 'Elite Fitness'.

2) Elite Fitness reserves the right to reject any application for membership without giving any reason for doing so, in which case full membership fee will be returned immediately.

3) All annual membership will be issued a membership key fob which will remain the property of Elite Fitness. All members will be required to scan the key fob on the entry machine on each and every visit. Any shorter term members must sign their respective sheets in the ‘short term member’ folder at reception before entering the main gym.

4) Cancellation:

Membership shall be renewed by payment to Elite Fitness on or before the expiry date. Elite Fitness reserves the right to refuse renewal of membership without reason for the decision. Members can only cancel their membership with one full months calendar notice; by definition one calendar months notice is a full month following the next payment date of any standing order due. Fully paid members will not receive any refund if they choose to cancel their membership early. There will be no refunds for non-usage of clubs facilities.

Any discounts given will cease once a membership has been cancelled and standard rates will apply thereafter. Memberships paid by standing order shall be deemed cancelled if 2 monthly payments are missed. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure their membership fees are paid in full and on time.

If a membership paid by standing order has been cancelled it is the responsibility of the member to cancel their standing order payments following the one month notice period. Any payments sent after this date will not be refunded.

5) Memberships are not transferable.

6) Elite Fitness shall determine the membership charges for the use of the facilities. These may vary at the discretion of Elite Fitness. A list of charges in force will be available at reception.

7) Membership may be withdrawn at any time without notice at the sole discretion of Elite Fitness. In the event of such withdrawal, or in the event of the member wishing to withdraw, a refund of the fee shall be at the single judgment of Elite Fitness.

8) In no circumstance will a person under the age of 16 be admitted to the main gym area. If a 16 - 18 year old wishes to use the main gym area, they must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times. A maximum of two children may accompany an adult within any area of Elite Fitness at any time.

9) Elite Fitness shall be entitled without prior notice to vary opening/closing times. The club shall be entitled to make alterations, carry out repairs or maintenance without prior notice, though of course, every consideration will be made to minimise inconvenience. There shall be no refund of the membership fee for any variation in the facilities/machines/equipment availability.

10) Elite Fitness employs staff to manage the club but supervision of each facility is not possible at all times, therefore, Elite Fitness does not accept liability for any person's accident, injury or misadventure. Elite Fitness requires all users to ensure their health and physical condition is such as not to involve any risk to him/herself or any other person using the club and reserves the right to require the withdrawal, from any facility, of any person who may be considered constitutes a risk.

11) Elite Fitness will not be responsible for any loss or damage to property of members, however caused.

12) Upon signing the membership form, the member will accept and be bound by the above conditions relating to membership. The purpose of the terms, conditions and rules are to ensure, at all times, the well-being and enjoyment of all users.

13) The facilities must be vacated when requested by staff or on sounding of the fire alarm. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building or car park.

14) Members must respect all other gym users and staff, as well as the equipment provided.

All equipment must be wiped down after use with the antibacterial sprays and paper towels located around the gym.

Weights should not be dropped as this will damage them. All equipment must be returned after use, no exceptions.

You should not exercise beyond your own abilities. If you know or are concerned that you have a medical condition which might interfere with you exercising safely, before you use our equipment and facilities you should get advice from a relevant medical professional and follow that advice.

You should make yourself aware of any rules and instructions, including warning notices. Exercise carries its own risks. You should not carry out any activities which you have been told are not suitable for you.

You should let us know immediately if you feel ill when using our equipment or facilities. Our staff members are not qualified doctors, but there will be a person available who has had first-aid training.

You must follow any reasonable instructions to allow you to exercise safely. Regular exercise is associated with many health benefits, yet any change of activity may increase the risk of injury. Consideration of these questions is the first step when planning to increase the amount of physical activity in your life.

Please read each question carefully and answer them honestly:

1) Has a physician ever said you have a heart condition and you should only do physical activity recommended by a physician?

2) When you do physical activity, do you feel pain in your chest?

3) When you were not doing physical activity, have you had chest pain in the past month?

4) Do you ever feel a loss of consciousness or do you lose your balance because of dizziness?

5) Do you have a joint or bone problem that may be made worse by a change in your physical activity?

6) Is a physician currently prescribing medications for your blood pressure or heart condition?

7) Are you pregnant?

8) Do you have insulin dependent diabetes?

9) Are you 69 years of age or older?

10) Do you know of any other reason you should not exercise or increase your physical activity?

If you have answered "YES" or if your health changes so you then answer "YES" to any of the above questions, please check with your doctor BEFORE you become more physically active. Any person who undertakes exercise against the medical advice of their doctor shall do so at their own risk and Elite Fitness shall not be held responsible in the event of any illness or fatality which may result.